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Taking Patient Safety to the Next Level

Check out  of all of our new Labor & Delivery Equipment!

Warmers, Beds & Bili Lights

Labor and Delivery Rapid Response Unit

  • Built in MicroCool Refrigerator
  • Custom Storage System for Surgical Instruments & Supplies
    • Saves valuable time
  • Built-In Joey QBL Scale
    • Eliminates Estimation of Blood Loss
  • Joey Pouch
    • Hazardous Waste System
  • Creates better response time

Jada System

  • Helen Keller Hospital is the first hospital in Alabama to initiate the Jada System.
    • Worldwide, women experience PPH in 10.8% of all deliveries
    • Women of color in the U.S. experience 3–4 times more maternal deaths than white women
  • Jada is a groundbreaking new system that provides definitive, visible control of abnormal postpartum uterine bleeding and postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) within minutes. No waiting for hours. No worrying about hidden bleeding. No second guessing. Just the confidence you need to keep life moving forward.